What is a Memorial Horn?

What is a Memorial Horn?
When you hear memorial, you might think of something that is super fancy or large and grand, but really that is not the case… at least not in the case of a memorial horn that you have made in memory of those things that are special to you. In a way, making a memorial horn is magical, you are pouring your cherished memories into that horn as you form it into being. So that when you are finished and put it to your lips to sound, you are sharing it with the world around you, … Or so that when you pick it up off its shelf it helps you recharge from the troubles around you with the positive and influential life experiences that has made you who you are today. So, it can be a place, person, dog or even a time that has etched its mark in your life as part of you.
Therefore, a memorial horn is best done by you and for you because in making it with your own hands it becomes part of you!
We get asked if we can make a memorial horn for this dog or that special place and while we are always glad to help and do so we really do feel that when it comes to this topic, we want to find a way that you can be the most involved and really want you to do it, because we know in doing so it will make it all that much more special to you and your family for generations to come.
We have been working hard to find a way that anyone can with a little time and effort make that special memorial horn. We have assembled a kit that will have everything in it that you will need to build to build your own memorial horn, including a simple but highly effective scrimshaw setup that our own scrimshaw artist use.
Now we are going to take it a step further and through these articles we are going to walk through the building process of the horn, and then ask you after you have finished your own horn to send us pictures and a short story about that horn and what makes it a memorial for you. We are going to have a memorial section in our website for those stories and horns but also take as many of those stories and pictures as we can and include them on our
American Dog Horn Association Museums’ Memorial Wall. Yes, there will be prizes but the fact is, everyone is a winner because you will have a generational keepsake, and we encourage you as you are building this horn to get those special persons in your life around you and tell of the memories that you are pouring into that horn and what makes it a memorial, so that when you are gone they too can pick up that horn with their own fond memories that you have made with them.


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